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Hubble is an integrated suite of performance management apps from insightsoftware.com. It offers reporting, analytics, and planning in a single real-time solution that fully understands your ERP. Hubble integrates your critical business systems so users at all levels have access to live data – extraordinarily fast. This visibility enables users at all levels to easily understand, manage, and predict the business.

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Company Culture

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Awards and accolades

Stevie Award

People’s Choice Favorite Biz Intelligence


People’s Choice Favorite Biz Intelligence


Most innovative product of the year


Cool Vendor in finance and procurement


"We have been using the software for almost 4 years and love how easy it is to use..."
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"A fresh approach to "reporting" not shackled by legacy technology E1 data template making it fast to implement..."
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insightsoftware.com, provider of Hubble solutions, enters Magic Quadrant for the first time
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G2 Crowd

"Ability to run several reports at once. I can't think of anything else at this point."
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Great User Experience

Hubble is created to work well with high end business management solutions like JD Edwards and Oracle E-Business Suite.
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Software Advice Review

"The product is amazing in the sense it brings back results in what feels lightening fast!"
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Driving high performance is more than just business jargon. It’s our purpose and our passion.
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CIO Applications

"we look at design as a critical component o what we do as a business-analyzing customer goals to solve real-world problems"
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Nucleus Research

insightsoftware.com recognized in Nucleus Research CPM Technology Value Matrix
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Spokespeople Bios


ALWYN WELCH Download picture

Executive Chairman

Having joined the Group in September 2015, Alwyn is accountable for the short- and long-term performance of the organization and stands as Executive Chairman and sits on the insightsoftware.com Board. His 35 years of experience has placed him in opportunities in software, services and many other areas of the technology sector along the way. Alwyn has served in a variety of roles across the world, including CEO of both private and public technology firms. He also stands as non-Executive Chairman of Systemsync Solutions but that isn’t all Alwyn does in his free time. Aside from being an expert among the industry landscape, Alwyn is also pretty good at guitar. When he’s not advising various companies on their big strategic initiatives, he can be found rocking out with the rest of his bandmates.


PAUL YARWOOD Download picture


Hailing from the land of Big Ben, kidney pies and Manchester United, Paul Yarwood stands as the CEO of the Hubble brand where he spends his days leading the company roadmap and fleshing out the organizational landscape. After graduating from the University of Salford in Manchester, Paul began his career at IBM’s prestigious International Education Center in La Hulpe, Belgium. From there, he began forging his way into the Enterprise Resource Planning and Enterprise Performance Management markets, gaining over 20 years of hard won experience in the process. Paul’s product expertise and genuine understanding of the customer’s pain points has enabled him to help tens of thousands of companies solve their business problems. He eats thought leadership for breakfast and doesn’t skip a beat when it comes to the word on the streets.

Angus Robertson, Hubble CMO

ANGUS ROBERTSON Download picture


As Chief Marketing Officer, Angus leads the product marketing, corporate marketing and business development teams for Hubble®. His team is responsible for product strategy and thought leadership enabling Hubble enterprise customers to increase their business performance. Previously, Angus worked in various marketing and business development roles at Spirent Communications and ran systems and networking for several departments at the University of Georgia. Angus has more than 18 years experience in marketing and technology. In his free time, you can find Angus tearing up a squash court or perusing his twitter feed for industry updates.

Jon Louvar, Director of Product Marketing; AKA 'Marvin the Paranoid Android'

JON LOUVAR Download picture

Director of Product Marketing

As Director of Product Marketing Jon, specializes in helping people make better use of reporting, analytics and planning. Jon brings 18 years of experience in accounting, finance, and technology and currently travels the world overseeing the utilization of Hubble software. Prior to his current role, he was a Certified Public Accountant and auditor at Ernst & Young. His acute interest in manufacturing led him to spearhead and manage the financial reporting and planning of a $3.5-billion company where he first began to push the limits of business performance software. Hubble has been the natural bridge of his talents and professional interests. Jon eats Wheaties for breakfast and washes it down with black, bitter coffee, spiked with sarcasm.


JULIE HOLMES Download picture

Product Strategist

Julie brings enthusiasm and innovation to every conversation – especially when it comes to business information and analysis. She has spent 18+ years in the ERP/analytics space wearing a bag of different hats including Consultant, Financial Systems Director, Oracle Product Manager and more. Having worked all over the world, she’ll tell you that she has a soft spot for currency restatement and (not so) fond memories of the Euro rollout. Julie is unbelievably committed to the value of using data to gain valuable insights and improve the competitive advantage for customers. As one of our visionaries, Julie loves to guide the strategies for new Hubble offerings and when she isn’t gazing into a crystal ball, you can find her writing, speaking and keeping up with the latest business and industry trends. She applies her creative thinking outside of the office by teaching her dog, Seven, 100s of tricks which they share at volunteer performances and on YouTube or keeping up with the troop of Girl Scouts that she leads.


NAILL MCLEAN Download picture

Product Manager

As a Product Manager, Naill (don’t let the double l fool you—it’s pronounced Neil) takes the lead on the Hubble product roadmap. By interpreting and prioritizing customer and market problems, Naill gives guidance and direction to the global product team. His efforts directly impact the next challenge that the product software takes on. Prior to joining the Hubble forces in 2013, Naill was knee deep within the industry himself. Having personally been a qualified Management Accountant, Naill has worked in a number of Finance and IT positions. His 15 years of experience cover the bases of technical report writing to ERP upgrade leadership. If you ever find yourself wanting to discuss the inner workings of Oracle E-Business Suite, he’s your man.



CHRIS WALSH Download picture

Head of Research

It takes a lot of brains to put a product like Hubble on the market. Much research and many hours of strategic planning pave the way of every product development iteration that is brought to the table. That’s where Chris comes in. As the head of Platform and Technology Strategy, and official Wizard of Powerpoints, Chris is the brain behind what is born.  His 25+ years of Oracle and JD Edwards experience has led him to many senior roles within product development, consulting and product strategy. His relentless dedication to help companies drive better performance throughout the whole organization is apparent in his commitment to adopting cutting-edge technology.


CRAIG STRONG Download picture

VP of Product

As a leader in the Agile and Lean communities and resume to back it up, Craig Strong joins insightsoftware.com as the VP of Product Development. Originating from the land of dragons and rugby, Craig more than lives up to his last name when it comes to product innovation, development and management practices. His experience across sectors such as Financial Services, Business Intelligence, E-commerce and Digital Media have led to more than a couple notable achievements including being part of the original team that launched NOW TV (much like Netflix for those across the pond). With years of experience and solid track record for tech innovation, Craig is most excited to deliver product updates that advance the Hubble solution and enhance the customer experience. When Craig isn’t mentoring start up communities or innovating in enterprises with award winning products, you can find him out and about London town with his two pups, Buster and Rio.

Stu Lucko Download picture


One day in the early 90s, tucked back in the corner alongside an IBM System 36 and a dot matrix printer blasting away P&L statements on green bar paper, a passion was seeded within Stu Lucko. He dared to imagine a world where technology would make it easy to go from data to insight to business transformation. Little did he know that years later, he himself would play a direct role in delivering such dreams. After serving as the CFO at Jabber and Envysion— two highly successful leading providers of enterprise transformational platform technologies, Stu picked up his passion and planted himself in Denver on the Hubble team. Today, Stu is responsible for keeping all things finance- and operations-related movin’ and groovin’. As Hubble’s CFO & COO, Stu is now living his dream day in and day out.



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